Monday, May 24, 2010

White chocolate strawberry cupcakes
made May 5, 2010
These were really good! The cream cheese frosting with the fresh strawberries on top was delicious, not to
mention white chocolate
chips throughout the
cake. They were
again fairly easy
to make, and really good!

Choc-n-Cherry Cupcakes
Made on May 23, 2010

These cakes were pretty good even though
I changed a few things around: the recipe
called for cherry liqueur but I couldn't get
that so I just used cherry flavoring. They
turned out well that way. The recipe also
didn't specify which type of cherries to use
to I went for dark sweet cherries. The
cream frosting was pretty good too.
They sure looked fancy when they
were finished because of the shaved
chocolate on top.

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